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7 February 2017

How to Avoid Spending Too Much on Phone Calls from UK to India

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  Every year a lot of Indians migrate to other countries for work, education and business purposes. A lot of IT professionals and both […]

9 November 2016

Communication Is Important To Maintain Relationships

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Staying connected is very important, either in person or by phone or through mails. Today it is very easy to stay connected however far […]

2 November 2016

Telecommunication Facilities Have Made Life Easier

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The days when people who went far away in search of better jobs never got to speak to their family for months or even […]

28 October 2016

Making Calls to the USA from the UK Couldn’t Have Been Cheaper

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Making a call to the USA can be as cheap as 2 pence per minute and this is not the only country but the […]

7 October 2016

Telephones Helps to Bring People Together

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There are thousands of people who have left their homes and families and travelled across oceans even, in search of a better life, better […]

27 June 2015

Travel tips when using your phone abroad!

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1). Back up your data before you go! Just in case you lose your phone, or worse case it gets stolen – make sure […]

11 June 2015


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Summer is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to pick up your Torica SIM. Why? Because if you take your Torica SIM […]

10 April 2015

Cheap calls to Nigeria!

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Calling family in Lagos or friends in Abuja?   Calls to Nigeria for 4.89p – no limited discount offer, just 4.89p for calls to […]

3 April 2015

Favourite Easter getaways!

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According to Travel Supermarket, the top 10 most popular Easter getaways are: Florida Spain North Africa – Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. European cities – […]

28 March 2015

Build your own Torica plan.

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♦ Are you on a budget? ♦ Do you want to be in charge of your package? ♦ UK only, international only, OR both […]