Affordable Calling Plans

Torica Mobile Offers Irresistible National and International Calling Plans
Whether you want to make cheap national calls or you’re looking for inexpensive ways to keep in touch with family or friends abroad, Torica Mobile offers a wide variety of specially designed affordable calling plans.

Plans Built Around Your Needs
In case you have a select circle of family and friends you speak to most, choose our friends and family national calling plan that will let you make unlimited calls to your dear ones at reduced rates. If you don’t expect to make a lot of calls, opt for our PAYGO service that provides minutes, texts, data and voicemail. You can use this service to save yourself from prepaid plans or unexpected high bills. Add as little or as much money as you want to and top up with an amount that suits your needs.

Users who wish to have complete control over their package can take a look at our budget and build plan that allows them to pay for the exact number of UK and/or international minutes they want depending upon their needs and budget. This plan guarantees plenty of flexibility and no wastage of minutes.

Make International Calls For Less
If you don’t like the idea of purchasing calling cards, opt for any of our value packed prepaid bundles. Our affordable and unlimited international calling plans let you communicate with the rest of the world for less. Whether you need to speak with someone in Asia, Africa, and USA or within the UK, choose a bundle package that best suits your needs and requirements. Signing up is instantaneous – all you have to do is send an SMS to purchase the bundle.

Here at Torica Mobile, we try hard to make your life easy. Call your friends, family or associates at any time using our value packed calling plans!