Calls from UK to USA

Now Available – Calls from UK to USA at Unbelievably Low Rates
Missing family or friends in the US? Perhaps you need to make a work related phone call? With Torica Mobile’s affordable international calls from UK to USA, you can chat for as long as you want to!

Stay Connected with Loved Ones
Our cheap call services are specially designed to make life easier for you. With our affordable international calls to USA from UK mobile, you can talk while you’re on the go – a blessing when you’re leading a busy lifestyle! We’ve created a user friendly online top up service and auto top up service so you don’t have to worry about interruptions while you’re talking your heart out. Moreover, the quality of our lines is superb which means that you can have clear and crisp communication at all times.

Fantastic Selection of Plans
Whether you need to make affordable calls to a USA landline from UK mobile or US landline/mobile from UK, we have the right solution for you. Choose from our UK and US/Canada bundles for even greater price savings! If you have credit, signing up is super easy –just use our premium SMS service to purchase talk time. And if you want complete control of your package, opt for our budget and build service that allows you to pay for the exact number of local/international minutes you want. You can make your own custom plan tailored around your needs and requirements.

If you don’t want to be bothered with buying a new SIM or phone but would still like to access cheap international calling rates, subscribe to our Soocheap app and get your calls routed through the app without the need for an access code! Just make a note of the time difference so you don’t wake up anyone in the middle of the night!

Call and SMS Rates to USA

Call and SMS Rates to USA