1). Where can I get a Torica Mobile SIM?
Click HERE to purchase your SIM today. Or, find a retail location near you. (Find location?).
2). What is My Torica Login?
My Torica Login allows you to trace your usage, calls and texts. You may also amend/edit account, personal details and payment information.
3). Where can I find my Torica Mobile Number?
Your Torica mobile number is printed on your Torica SIM.
4). Can I transfer my existing number to my Torica SIM?
Unfortunately you cannot currently transfer any existing number to your Torica SIM (but don’t worry, it won’t be long until you can).
5). How do I contact someone if I have a problem?
Please see our Contact Us page for all relevant information.
6). Can I use my Torica SIM abroad?
Yes, of course. All of our Torica SIMS roam worldwide - we even offer you an 80% reduction against your regular network provider. To see our fantastic roaming rates, Click Here .
7). My SIM card has been lost or stolen, how can I stop the usage?
Please call Customer Services as soon as possible. (Contact Us).
8). I have stopped using my Torica SIM and now it doesn’t work?
If you do not make any chargeable calls or texts within 90 days your SIM we be deactivated. You may reactivate the SIM by contacting Customer Services.
9). Can I auto top-up if my credit is running low?
Soon, you can activate the auto top-up facility using your My Torica Login account. You will need to register a payment method and choose a minimum credit limit for the auto top-up to activate. Once your credit reaches a certain level, you will be automatically topped up with the pre agreed credit amount set.
10). Can I transfer airtime to another person?
Yes, of course. Simply text the top-up amount and recipient Torica mobile number -yourpin/password and the airtime transfer will be instantaneous. Wherever the other person, as long as they have a Torica SIM you are able to transfer airtime.
11). How can I check my balance?
Simply text balance to 803 from your Torica mobile and your balance will be sent by text. Alternatively, you can keep up to date on the go using My Torica Login .
12). How do I check my voice mail?
Simply dial 802 from you Torica Mobile

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