Receive Calls from Abroad

Torica Mobile Makes It Easy to Receiving Calls from Abroad for Free
Planning a holiday abroad? Travelling for work? Did you know that a ten minute call can cost an eye watering 25£ when overseas? If you’re not careful, call roaming charges can set you back by hundreds of pounds. At Torica Mobile, we strive to make roaming more affordable and even free of cost in some cases.

Free Incoming Calls
When you purchase our SIM, you can receive calls from abroad for free whilst you are travelling to certain countries. At present, this service is available in over sixty countries and you can take a look at the full list to see if the country you’ll be traveling to is included or not. Our service is an excellent way to keep connected with family, friends and work colleagues back home without having to worry about who’s going to pay for the bills. Accepting incoming calls will not cost you a penny and besides, we offer cheap roaming rates that will further help you in managing your call roaming costs.

Help Your Loved Ones
In case you talk frequently with family or friends abroad, we offer a special service that will allow them to receiving calls from abroad on Torica Mobile at no cost for a period of time. How is this possible, you ask? All you have to do is purchase a Torica SIM and make a bundle purchase. With every bundle you purchase, we will give you free Torica to Torica talk time – as many as 200 minutes! You can then send the SIM to your family or friend abroad and talk for free!

Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges and talk to your heart’s content with Torica’s benefits packed SIM card and bundles packages!
Receive calls from abroad for free