Making Calls to the USA from the UK Couldn’t Have Been Cheaper

28 October 2016
28 October 2016, Comments: Comments Off

Making a call to the USA can be as cheap as 2 pence per minute and this is not the only country but the list is quite long. It is also possible to receive calls from these countries for the same rate. Once you activate your sim card, you can top up your sim almost immediately online by filling in a form with details as to the top up amount and once you pay the amount, the sim is ready to use. The online services offered by many of the providers are very convenient. You can actually manage your account; check the balance, manage the usage and double check the recent purchases you may have made. Any offers that are introduced will also be entered on the web page so customers will be informed.

Low Roaming Rates
Not only are making calls to Africa very cheap, but it is possible to make cheap international calls from the UK to USA. Some of the Sims can be used abroad and the roaming rates will still be very low. So even if you are going away on a holiday or for a business trip, you can use the same sim without fearing a huge bill. Some providers are much cheaper than others hence it is advisable to double check the offers from different providers.

Apps Available For Cheap Calls
Downloading of certain apps, whatever the sim card or provider, allows you to call to the USA at rates as low as 1p.This is one of the best deals you can find and there is no need for any access codes either. It makes sense to save as much as you can especially when you are making calls. Otherwise it would be better to send mails. Thanks to some network providers who offer such fantastic deals, that keeping in touch on the phone makes it very convenient and not a burden at all.

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