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27 August 2015
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Our aim is to save you as much money as possible.

We understand how much you depend on your mobile and especially where it relates to international calls and roaming abroad.

Both of these costs can be astronomical, and that’s where we come in.

Offering roaming rates up to 80% cheaper than your standard network provider, a Torica SIM can save you hundreds of pounds instantly. Whether you switch to us or use your Torica SIM as a secondary/ holiday SIM you stand to cash in straight away.

Most UK network providers charge standard rates p/minute to international numbers and similarly whilst roaming – charges that can be as much as (and in excess of) £2.50 p/minute to a single destination, even within the EU.

Torica operates differently; we ensure you don’t have to pay above the odds just because you are calling another destination or are within another destination. We can guarantee call costs up to 80% cheaper than standard network providers, at all times (no gimmicks, no limited time special offers – just cheap rates consistently). If you’re on holiday, lap up the fact you can speak to whoever you want, whenever you want, and you’re not going to dread next month’s bill.

When using your Torica SIM abroad, you can also receive calls for free in over 60 destinations.

Buy a Torica SIM with credit and receive your SIM card completely free of charge, from a minimum top-up of only £10. Top up online, manage your account and check your balance – we have all the features of a standard network operator, only cheaper. As long as your order is placed by 5pm, you can expect your new Torica SIM the very next day!

If international calls are more your thing, as well as great rates p/minute, we also offer great-saving bundles. Bundles can be purchased with UK and International minutes, and for every bundle purchased you receive 200 Torica- Torica minutes at no extra cost.

Have a look at our ‘Budget & Build’ plans if you like to take charge and be in control. With this feature you can select the number of UK and International minutes you desire and control what you spend, based on what you want.

Purchase your very own Torica SIM today for all of these great benefits, services and much more!

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