Reducing your Roaming costs.

18 July 2014
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18 July 2014, Comments: Comments Off

When travelling abroad, one of your biggest burdens could be the cost of making calls to home. Calls and texts can cost an arm and a leg, some networks charge from £2.50 p/minute for calls and almost £1 per text.

Some may say the options are simple;
a) don’t take your phone with you, or
b) turn off all data/ roaming capabilities

These options may suit the minority, but for others it is an absolute necessity to make contact back home; whether that be to contact family or friends, or for work/business purposes.

Plus, why should you need to limit yourself when you’re abroad?

Many UK network operators will insist that the extortionate rates are a result of foreign network providers and their connection costs – however this isn’t actually the case.

Yes, it is correct that when abroad (termed as Roaming) your calls are routed through a local network provider. However, their charges are not as expensive as it’s made out to be – your UK network provider rolls in the £’s from this service.

One way of cutting costs is to buy a local SIM card from the destination you are visiting. This option can be quite time consuming though; you would need to find a local SIM card provider and ensure the SIM is correctly activated. Another pain in choosing this method is that this would be reliant on each different destination you visit, and result in an additional/new number each time you have to pick up a new SIM. Would you want to do this if you were only travelling for a short period of time or if you were a continuous traveller?

The next and best way to cut costs is to buy a universal Roaming SIM. This option would allow you use the same SIM card (meaning you only have one additional number) in every destination you visit – and they are designed to help you reduce costs; considerably!

With a Torica SIM, you can benefit from Worldwide Roaming capabilities – you will be able to use your SIM in over 180 countries and you will receive incoming calls for FREE in over 60 destinations (so why not get others to make calls to you!). In addition to this, our Roaming Rates will cost you up to 80% less than your normal UK network provider.
Let’s see how Torica fares;

If Roaming in Nigeria and calling a UK mobile/landline;

Torica 9.2p p/minute

Three Mobile £2.00 p/minute

EE £1.50 p/minute

If Roaming in India and calling a UK mobile/landline;

Torica 85p p/minute

Three Mobile £2.00 p/minute

EE £1.50 p/minute

Using only a couple of examples instantly justifies the need to use a Roaming SIM – just look at the savings in comparison!


Full a full list of our Roaming Rates. Click HERE.

Full a full list of countries you can receive FREE incoming calls when Roaming . Click HERE.


♥ – Torica Mobile

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