Travel tips when using your phone abroad!

27 June 2015
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1). Back up your data before you go!
Just in case you lose your phone, or worse case it gets stolen – make sure you have backed up your phone before you go so you don’t lose all of your important data. Pictures, APP’s, music and more!

2). Turn off auto updates for your Smartphones and APP’s.

A lot of APP’s automatically update in the background – this is deadly for data usage at home in the UK, not to mention when abroad. Remember, you don’t see these updates happening so make sure you have turned these settings off before you travel.

3). If your phone allows you to set a passcode – make sure you passcode lock your device.
Again, just in case you lose your phone or it gets stolen – ensure your lock features are active. This way someone can’t run up your bills!

4). Protect your device with a phone case/ cover.
With the additional sun, sand, and sea – be sure to protect your phone as best as possible. A case can help protect against small spillages and those annoying sand particles that just somehow manage to get everywhere!

5). Turn off automatic data.
To prevent your 3G or 4G device picking up data when you’re abroad, be sure to deactivate any automatic features. As data and roaming charges cost a bomb from your standard network provider, your best bet is to turn off all data services and rely solely on local wifi hot-spots.

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